Your care, your journey

With the first blog for the website I wanted to emphasise how important it is for me, that you, as the patient, are involved in every aspect of your care. I fully understand that being referred for consideration of chest surgery will be a huge moment in your life and is likely to bring significant worry. When assessing patients (you) for surgery we will of course discuss together the benefits, risks and other options to any treatment or investigation. It is important that the information is processed in your own time and you assess what this information means to you. Often risks in particular may be subjective and it is important you make decisions that are right for you.

Every patient will have different questions – often as a result of how your condition and surgery might have the potential to impact on you. Being diagnosed with a condition and planned for surgery can cause worries – about your own life, your family, your work and your future. I firmly believe that every question should be asked. In the time patients spend in the consultation room, it can be hard to think of questions that mean a lot to you. But often you leave the hospital, arrive home and the questions you want to ask become apparent. I want every patient to feel they can ask them and remind you that this is your care and your journey.